Digital Content Portfolio

Mariana Gutiérrez Guayasamin

Executive production and coverage for Feria EVA social media channels.

I was in charge of the executive production and real-time content for Feria Eva social media platforms. My team consisted of community managers, content creators, and video editors who were responsible for creating a comprehensive digital coverage of Eva's shopping fair at 93's Park in Bogotá. Our duties included capturing photos, conducting live sessions, creating reels, and managing sponsored content postings. We worked in real-time to engage with our audience and attract a wider audience throughout the two weekends of the event.

Digital Consultant - Muzaluci Luxury Fashion and Deco Brand

Coordination of social media content execution, ensuring that all content was aligned with our brand's voice and strategic objectives. Additionally, I supervised customer service on social media platforms to ensure that all interactions reflected our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. This experience has honed my ability to integrate strategic planning with practical execution, driving significant improvements in brand recognition and customer engagement.

Editorial & SEO Director | Adobe Latam Blog

As the Editorial Director for the Adobe Latin America blog, I was responsible for overseeing content management, coordinating collaborations with artists and content creators, conducting interviews, providing guidance on SEO, and directing the team. My role required me to exercise a high level of editorial judgment and leadership, as I was tasked with ensuring that the content published met the highest quality standards and aligned with the overall goals and vision of the organization.

Digital presence for USA | Ceiba Software

I'm the digital project manager for this Colombian tech firm, leading and driving the content strategy to capture US clients for the Nearshoring and Staff Augmentation portfolio. Our approach included SEO-focused blogs, LinkedIn brand ambassadors, and curated social media content. This improved visibility and established a powerful brand presence, positioning the company for success.

Podcast Producer | DE-Mentes Perfectas Podcast

Content in podcast format created in a pandemic to bring a little inspiration and knowledge from the great minds of entrepreneurship and business. I was the project director, content leader, podcast guest producer and host.

Editorial & SEO Director | Nestlé Brands

As a team leader for Writers, Editors, and SEO Specialists, I was responsible for leading the web content strategies for some of Nestlé's brands. My role involved managing a team of editors and SEO specialists to write and optimize web content and strategically position the brands on the first page of Google search results.

Trend Reports | Contenidos EL REY Agency

I led the research, curation, and end-to-end development of trend reports under the Contenidos EL REY brand. These reports were crafted for publication across the agency's primary channels and tailored specifically for their premium customers.

Personal Instagram Feed

My personal Instagram account is my visual brand, doing all from design and photography to editing and art direction. People recognize my unique aesthetic. *Note that my account is private and not intended for content creation.

Stabucks Colombia Contenidos Redes Sociales
Stabucks Colombia Contenidos Redes Sociales

RRSS Content Strategy for Stabucks Colombia

Planning and execution of Starbucks Colombia's content strategy for its digital channels and influencers during 2016 and 2017. Positioning it as an aspirational, empathetic and fun brand for the young people of the moment.